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About Fabunio

In recent times, the relationships of the wood and furniture industry have been shaped by many external factors: the economic transformation, changing consumer habits and expectations, technological and digital development needs, circumstances of the social and globalisation, in addition to the context of the climate change.
There is, however, something that remains constant: wood and the way it is worked, its potential, as well as a very long history of continued innovation

A key objective of Fabunio is to show and demonstrate the individual and community potential of the wood and furniture industry, from both the creator’s and the user's perspective.
This calls for a community that is able to position itself, to view its processes in their social context and to intervene and influence them in a positive way, to the extent of its possibilities.

For that reason, Fabunio has identified four main areas of action where it can induce change in the processes affecting the wood and furniture sector::

Fabunio Junior - youth education, assuming responsibility for their future careers

Fabunio Design - involvement in the creative industries, strengthening added-value design thinking

Fabunio Skills - knowledge sharing and development in order to identify and exploit opportunities emerging in the wake of the discontinued large companies

Fabunio Business - advocacy community, joint industry action also at the level of strategic decision-making

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Koós Daniella
Cebe Hanna
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